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Homeward was founded in 2021 in Southern California. We are a startup grass roots organization dedicated to ending homelessness. Our founder, Richard Zigrang, graduated from California State University of Fullerton in 2014 with a Bachelor's in Finance. Soon after, Richard began his career in Real Estate and obtained his real estate license. With over 7+ years of property management experience, Richard wanted to apply his real estate experience toward a cause that would have a significant impact in helping those in need. After seeing the turbulent economic crisis of 2009 as well as people losing their livelihoods during the corona virus outbreak, the answer was a no brainer. By finding homes for those in need our goal is to give people a second chance. Our program involves finding individuals by working with homeless shelters to help them transition to permanent housing. Although we currently operate in Southern California our long term goal is to expand nationally and internationally!

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